6 DIY Spring Maintenance Home Projects To Do Now

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Spring has finally sprung, and for most of us it couldn’t come soon enough. Longer days and

perfect temperatures make it the ideal time to tackle some necessary home-maintenance
projects. And remember, a little work now will have you ready for some time on the chaise
lounge with a cool glass of lemonade in no time.

Scrub A Dub Dub
Get out your hose and a scrub brush, or a power washer, and give your sidewalks, the driveway,
and patio furniture a good washing. For your home’s exterior, it’s best to stick with a hose and
brush for several reasons.
1. Power washing wood trim can remove paint and even damage the wood.
2. Power washing can leave water in your home’s walls.
3. Deteriorated mortar between your homes bricks can actually be removed by using high
intensity water blasting, leaving a big repair job.
Complete A Spring Roof Checklist
● Clean your gutters. Failing to get them clean in the spring could result in roof and siding
damage or foundation problems in the upcoming months, according to home expert Bob
● Check for any gutter damage and do repairs.

● Most roofing fixes can be done with a few simple tools, such as a hammer, roofing nails,
caulk, and extra shingles. Be sure to hire a professional if your roof is high and poses
safety risk. Check the following items on your roof.
Damaged or worn shingles
Missing shingles
Loose or exposed nails
Missing caulk
Missing, damaged, or rusty flashing
Areas that sag
Excessive shingle granule loss
Rot or mold

Get Your Lawn Healthy
Spring is the right time for handling lawn jobs that will help to prepare for lush green turf in the
summer. The home experts at HGTV recommend these projects:
● Dethatch your yard with a rake — Too many grass clippings will suffocate your lawn.
● Aerate and overseed — Core aeration removes compacted soil so your lawn can breathe
and water can move through more effectively.
● Apply some weed and feed – This will make for a healthy green grass and prevent weeds.
● Patch bare spots — Be sure to match your specific grass type.
● Give your lawn some water — As your lawn comes out of dormancy, it will need extra
● Mow your lawn in different directions – This will help you avoid ruts that develop from
repeating patterns.
● Do not cut your lawn too short — – This will lead to your lawn becoming stressed,
particularly as temperatures rise.
Tend To Landscaping Matters
Winter can have some devastating results on your trees. Be sure to check the health of your
trees to see if there are things you can do to save the plant. Use the online Tree Guide provided
by the Arbor Day foundation as a good resource. You may find you need to secure landscaping
help. The average price to landscape your yard or garden in Denver, Colorado, runs from $2,065 –
Check Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors
The U.S. Fire Administration recommends checking your smoke detectors monthly and
changing batteries at least once or twice a year. Additionally, they suggest replacing smoke
detectors at around the 10-year mark. If you haven’t purchased, carbon monoxide detectors,
now would be a good time to pick one or two up, depending on your home size. If you do have
them give them a test.

Spend Some Time In Your Laundry Room (Not Doing Laundry!)
Clean your dryer vent – Each year, around 2,900 home fires occur resulting in 100 injuries and an
average of five fatalities. The bulk of these accidents occur as a result of failing to clean dryer
Check your washing machine hoses – Over the years, your hoses can deteriorate and crack. This
can cause water leaks that settle in corners behind the washing and drying machines, which can
lead to ceiling damage, mold and other projects you won’t want to have to tackle.
While the days are not too warm and the sun is stretching longer, get a start on these DIY spring
maintenance projects. Taking care of these small projects now will help make sure you’re not
tackling bigger projects later. And this means time to enjoy your upcoming summer!


Written by: Seth Murphy

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