How to Move When You Have Kids

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How to Move When You Have Kids

As if home buying wasn’t difficult enough, having children can make it all the more challenging.
From working around your child’s school schedule to getting them to help with packing, there
are ways to include your little ones in the process while maintaining everyone’s sanity. Here are
some tips and tricks to make your experience hassle-free.

Keep Costs Down

Moving costs will add up quickly, so start by setting a budget. This will also double as a checklist
to make sure you are meeting what needs to be done on time. Compare quotes from different
moving companies, but don’t immediately select the lowest offer. Check reviews to make sure
they are reputable. Start acquiring packing materials before you start packing. You can often
collect boxes for free from a variety of sources, including work, friends, even local shops. If you
call ahead and ask if you could take away some of their old boxes on delivery day, many are
often glad to be rid of the excess “trash.” Ditch the bubble wrap and use what you have on
hand, like blankets, socks, or other clothing. A garage sale is a fun way to involve your kids in
earning a little extra moving money.

Best Times to Move

It can be rough to move with children in tow, and often we need to work around their schooling.
However, there are things you can do to keep your moving costs down. Summer is going to be
the busiest time of year, as children are off for a long swing of time, and it’s easier to transfer
school then. Therefore, do what you can to give yourself the best shot at an easy move.
Weekdays are, invariably, cheaper than weekends, especially if you’ve hired a moving
company. Mid-month of your choice is the least traveled, so head out then if you can.

Get Children Helping

Get your children involved with packing to not only help them understand the moving process
but to feel like they are contributing. Younger children can decorate boxes, and older children
can help with labeling. They can tape up the boxes once they are full. Your little ones can also
help you clean as you go by wiping out cupboards, sweeping, and sorting through their own
household goods to see what they need to pack and what they are willing to let go.

Buy Foreclosed

You’ll need to research home prices in the area you want to move to. In Colorado Springs, the
average sale price for a home is $291,000. One way to save on your overall expenses is to
consider buying a foreclosed home. They tend to be priced more cheaply, as banks want to get
them off of the market and earning a profit again. You may also get better loans if you buy
foreclosed by applying for rehabilitation loans to cover any repairs that are needed. You may
even get into a neighborhood you have had your eye on but could not otherwise afford. These
properties are investments and often give you a good return in the future.

How to Support Your Child

If you are moving a sizable distance, your child may experience some sadness. While this is
normal, there are ways you can combat it to help get them stabilized during and after the move.
If your child is old enough, technology can be a great way to stay connected with friends. They
can play games online, use video chatting to catch up on weekends, and partake in any number
of other activities thanks to the internet. Keeping them active after the move is also important,
so introduce them to a new sports team or enroll them in extracurricular activities with their new
school. Throwing them a party before the move may also give them something to look forward
to. Just make sure you emphasize that this is not a going away party.

This is going to be a tough time for your kids, but you can make it better. Involve them, keep
your costs down overall, and you will have a much smoother move. It will be stressful, but with
preparation, you can get it done successfully.

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Written by: Alexis Hall

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