There are MANY reasons that smart money is flocking to Mobile Home Park investments.  But the 3 that you’re about  to hear ARE the most overwhelming of the bunch.  I’m Eloy Retana.  And This is Episode #1 of The Savvy Mobile Home PARK Investor Show.

You’re listening to “The Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor Show, the only podcast exclusively for busy professionals who wish to be considered for participation in some of today’s most attractive mobile home park investment opportunities. Now, with another content-packed episode in 10-minutes or less, here’s your host, Eloy Retana.

My friends, this episode will be a tough pill to swallow for some of you who, like me, were told for years that either single- or multi-family real estate was the very best, smartest, safest, highest-yielding and most reliable way to invest your money.  I believed it too.  But the facts suggest otherwise.  Let’s jump right into 3 EXTRAORDINARY reasons that very smart people are taking mobile home park investing very seriously, and I’ll go ahead and tell you that reason #3 is a short list of some of the names you already know and you already trust who are already neck-deep in this beautiful asset class.  So, without further delay.

The first reason, the biggest reason, the reason without which no other reason really matters is this:  There’s TREMENDOUS financial opportunity in mobile home park investments.  What do I mean?

There are several aspects to this:  Yields, for one.  You’ll see later, in episode 4 and 5, that it’s COMMON for mobile home parks to yield cap rates that totally put other investments to shame, including multifamily real estate.  The yields are simply astounding.  But it gets better because…

There’s shockingly little competition in this side of the business.  Why?  It’s easy to see… many investors absolutely cut off consideration the very moment they hear the outdated, down-scaled phrase “trailer park”… I did the same thing for far too long,  When i first heard of the opportunity to invest in Mobile-home parks, I wanted nothing to do with them.  But you know what?  When BILLIONAIRES… people with more financial acumen than you and I will likely ever have… when THEY decide that the money is more important than silly social queues, then you and I have to stand at attention and take that seriously.  Stay tuned… I’ll tell you who some of those billionaires and major private equity firms are who don’t care about outdated phrases and are cashing big checks because of it.

And before I go on to reason #2… consider this:  nearly ALL of the mobile home parks in America – about 80% of them – are still owned by tiny mom & pop operations… the exact kind of assets that are the PERFECT acquisition opportunity.  This is where it’s easy, predictable and reliable to quickly MULTIPLY the revenue of an already-productive asset… that’s where my opportunity and your opportunity really lies… and why there’s SO MUCH of that opportunity right now. 

It’s not just those folks, though.  Ever hear of the Silver tsunami ? It’s all the new retirees… baby boomers who are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day,  10,000! that’s an insane number. many of these baby boomers choose to sell their home and downsize into something much less expensive and easier to maintain.  AND THAT MY FRIEND, is another gold mine of opportunity for savvy investors who own mobile home parks.

All of this translates clearly into one singularly important word:  DEMAND.  Strong, strong demand for mobile home parks.  And that my friends is where the opportunity lies.

Moving on now to Reason #2 of Top 3 reasons Mobile Home Parks are an Exceptional Opportunity right here and now… and this one is about the all-important need to do good while doing well… Reason #2 is that MOBILE HOME PARKS MEET THE NEED FOR AFFORDABLE HOUSING.   Now, “affordable housing” is a political hot-button term and whether you’re in the camp that’s all about it or whether you’re more skeptical, the reality is this:  The government is in, 100%, on the notion of making sure that there’s housing available to people at the lower end of the financial spectrum and here’s the unvarnished truth:  That means OPPORTUNITY for me and you because, in almost every case, mobile home parks are home to people who fit into that “affordable housing” economic tier.  So when you hear “affordable housing”, as an owner of mobile home parks, you should translate that into this definite reality:  The higher the demand for affordable housing, the higher the demand for mobile home parks… and that Is GREAT for you I ***

But don’t take my word for it…

… instead, take the word of some incredibly smart people and companies – whose names you already know and trust – who are TOTALLY validating this opportunity by putting their money where their mouth is.  And that leads us to… 

Reason #3 of the Top 3 Reasons Mobile Home Parks are an Exceptional Opportunity in 2020, which is this:  Some of the brightest minds in finance are already there.  People like multi-billionaire Sam Zell and fellow billionaire Warren Buffett and huge private equity firms like Blackstone and Apollo.  Even the Global Wealth Fund for the Government of Singapore.  Some of the best minds in the world agree, to state it plainly.

Now If I could only give you just one highly-respected investor who was getting into Mobile Home parks, that might be a statistical anomaly.  If I could give you two of them, that might be interesting but irrelevant.  But I just gave you a strong list of well-known private equity firms and investors – including no less than Warren Buffett himself – who are, with their own money, validating the opportunity in Mobile Home Parks. 

And do you know what’s REALLY astounding?  We haven’t even scratched the surface of all of the reasons why Mobile Home Parks are where the smart money is going today.  But the three reasons we did covered today – which ARE

  • The Huge FINANCIAL opportunity and
  • The Huge DEMAND created by affordable housing  and last but not least
  • The Overwhelming PROOF provided by some of the best, most respected investors in the world…

…well, when you put those together, what you have is a amassed case that could only ignored by those blind to incredibly strong and timely opportunities. 

Folks, that’s all I’ve got for you today, except for this:  The most common question I get is this:  Eloy, I’d love to get involved… can you connect me with some of these great mobile home park investments that you’re describing?  And the answer is:  Maybe! Most of our projects fill rather quickly, and all of them require a minimum of $50,000 to participate, so if YOU would like to be notified whenever we have exceptional opportunities just open up that web browser go to www.partnerwithapex.com that’s PARTNERWITHAPEX A-P-E-X.com to get on our VIP investor list right now and I’ll reach out to you when the next great opportunity comes along.

Until next time, I’m Eloy Retana REMINDING YOU That  “The goal isn’t more money. The goal is, life on your terms”

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