It’s not every day that a great mobile home park investment project comes along.  Well, I’ve got one… and you need to hear about it quickly.  That’s coming up right now in episode 6 of The Savvy Mobile Home Park Investor Show. 

It doesn’t happen every day.  But when it does, the time to act is YESTERDAY!

I am, of course, talking about the wonderful and rather rare opportunity of participating in a high-quality, high-profit mobile home park project as an investor partner with Apex Communities.

And the GREAT news is… I have just such a project right now, at the very moment I’m recording this… and it’s a great one.

For example, consider this:   “how would you like to double your money in 5 years?  I ask because that’s precisely what our investor partners can reasonably expect from this project.”

Of course, that’s not all… it gets better from there and if you’re already a member of my VIP notification list, then you’ve ALREADY heard about it, because I’ve notified you by email about this great project… and I know there’s a lot of excitement about it already!

WHAT’S THAT I HEAR?  You have NOT received notice about this project – and how you can participate in it – via email?  Do you mean to tell me that you’re NOT a member of my VIP Notification List?  Well, that’s a travesty, because until you are a member, you’re always going to be several steps behind.  So let’s remedy that right now, shall we?

To learn more about this extraordinary project – AND to become a member of my VIP notification list at absolutely no cost to you – just go to www.partnerwithapex.com and type in your email address.

And look… you have already seen clearly WHY savvy investors jump at the rather rare opportunities to participate in great mobile home park deals.  You’ve already seen:

  1. How Mobile Home Parks have proven their resistance to this pandemic and economic downturns
  2. How we’re able to take a distressed Mobile Home Park and turn it into Class A property by doing several simple things making it a place you’d be proud of live in. 

And we’re expecting to create results much like those in the project we have right now as well.  That’s why you should join our VIP investor list right now.

Even if this particular moment in time isn’t perfect for you to begin investing in mobile home parks, that’s ok.  It’s possible, depending on when you hear this, that the project to which I’m referring has already been fully subscribed anyway, because that tends to happen pretty quickly.

But there will be OTHER great projects… maybe next year… maybe next month… maybe even next week.  Whenever it happens, the best position for you to be in is to ALREADY be on my VIP Investor List so you give yourself the best shot at getting in.

After all, the reasons mobile home parks are such a GREAT asset class are basically self-evidence at this point, including:

  • Reason #1 – Low Tenant Turnover
  • Reason #2 – Great Recession Resistance 
  • Reason #3 – Low Competition 
  • Reason #4 – Lower maintenance and Expenses
  • Reason #5 – It meets the demand for affordable housing
  • Reason #6 – Wall Street is already heavily invested and cashing int, you should too!

And those reasons are just the tip of the iceberg, as you know by now from listening to past episodes of the Mobile Home Park Investor Show.

And I want to put this in perspective for you.  As I write this today, did you know that the famed Warren Buffett – supposedly the greatest investor of all times – well, if you look at the performance of his company – Berkshire Hathaway – what you find is that he’s only generated a return of 7.9% per year since the year 2000.  Just 7.9%!

You, my friend, have the opportunity to enjoy results that we expect to be LITERALLY X times that Buffett has delivered…

…but that chance is available ONLY for those wise enough to be on my VIP Investor List, which you can do by going to www.partnerwithapex.com that’s www.partnerwithApex. A-P-E-X .com

Until next time, I’m Eloy Retana REMINDING YOU That  “The goal is, life…on your terms”

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