Passive Questionnaire (Short)

This form collects basic info do add a potential investor to our mailing list. The full questionnaire will be sent out via DocuSign
  • Investor Questionnaire

    This Questionnaire is being given to each individual who expresses an interest in investing with Apex Communities LLC. The purpose is to assure the Company, that each investor meets the standards imposed for application of that exemption including, but not limited to, whether the proposed purchaser qualifies as an "accredited investor". Your answers will be kept strictly confidential. However, by signing this Questionnaire you agree that the Company may present this Questionnaire to such parties as they deem appropriate if called upon under the law to establish the availability under the Act of an exemption from registration of the private placement or if the contents thereof are relevant to any issue in any action, suit or proceeding to which the Company is a party. The undersigned realizes that this Questionnaire does not constitute an offer by the Company.
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  • Note: If you invest with a single-member LLC for which you are the owner or an LLC that includes you and your spouse, choose "individual"
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